Past Interns

Name: Prishita Nahata
University: ESSEC Business School
Course: Business Administration (BBA)
Position: Marketing & Events Intern 
Internship Duration: July 2023 to December 2023

“Reflecting on my enriching six-month internship with EuroCham in Singapore, I am profoundly grateful for all the knowledge and experience I have acquired. From learning the intricacies of event organization and management to delving into the realms of digital marketing, each day presented an opportunity for growth and learning.

As I prepare to embark on new adventures, I feel ready and inspired to take on new challenges. I’ve gained valuable skills and insights that will guide me as I continue my journey.”

Name: Aakruti (AJ) Ganeshan
University: Sciences Po
Course: M.A in International Security
Position: Research & Advocacy Intern 
Internship Duration: May 2023 to Nov 2023

“My time at the European Chamber of Commerce allowed for an immense amount of personal growth and skill development. In the span of 6 months, I had the chance to engage with crucial policy matters at the heart of Singapore-European relations, meet key stakeholders, and learn a great deal about presenting regulatory approaches to corporate actors. Aside from gaining exposure to a plethora of private and public initiatives, I also had the chance to hone my writing and research skills by getting to work directly on EuroCham’s annual flagship publication.”

Name: Léa Galerne
University: ESSCA
Course: M2 International Business
Position: Marketing & Events Intern 
Internship Duration: February 2023 to August 2023

Name: Marta Artiles Pérez
University: The Power MBA
Course: Digital Marketing M.Sc.
Position: Marketing & Events Intern 
Internship Duration: October 2022 to March 2023

“It has been a remarkable 5-month journey with EuroCham in Singapore which has provided me with invaluable knowledge and experience. From learning how to manage and create events and marketing campaigns in South-east Asia to understanding the intricacies of business in the region, I have gained an invaluable insight into the world of Sustainability and International Business.”

Name: See Ee Teng 
University: National University of Singapore 
Course: Political Science and History B.A.So.S.
Position: Research and Advocacy Intern
Internship Duration: May 2022 to September 2022

“My internship at EuroCham helped me learn a lot more about how to position European voices in a clear, and grounded manner to its relevant stakeholders in the writing of the Responsible Supply Chain position paper. As the Research and Advocacy Intern in the Sustainability Programme 2022, I was also given the opportunity to interact with many relevant stakeholders and understand the sustainability scene and its priorities across starkly different sectors.”

Name: Greta Valdés Stünz
University: KEDGE Business School Paris/ Bordeaux
Course: Brand Management and Marketing M.Sc.
Position: Marketing & Events Intern
Internship Duration: April 2022 to September 2022

“It was a great opportunity to work at the European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) in order to complete my compulsory internship as it connects my Economics and Business background with Politics.

Being able to do an internship in Singapore made it more interesting as it elevated my continental academic studies to a professional and international level.”

Name: Paarth Agarwal
University: Singapore Management University
Course: Business Management B.Sc. 
Position: Automobile Research Intern
Internship Duration: Aug 2021 – Dec 2021

Name: Brenda Krishnan
University: Melbourne Law School/University of Melbourne
Course: Juris Doctor
Position: Advocacy & Research Assistant
Internship Duration: Oct 2020 – Feb 2021

“My experience with EuroCham has been nothing short of exciting! From facilitating discussions amongst EU representatives and government stakeholders to working with European companies to identify emerging policy concerns, I have gained transferrable research and writing skills that I can use in my pursuance of a law degree.”

Name: Sarah-Ann Lim 
University: University of Exeter
Course: Politics and International Relations B.Sc.
Position: Marketing & Events Intern
Internship Duration: Jun 2020 – Sep 2020

Name: Alex Venkov
University: EDHEC Business School
Course: Business Administration B.Sc.
Position: Research & Advocacy Intern
Internship Duration: Jan 2020 – Jul 2020