Through one of the main pillars of the Sustainability Programme – European Excellence in Sustainability Sharing Sessions, we are collaborating with companies in the five key areas embraced by both the European Commission and the Government of Singapore:

– ESG Communications
– ESG Investments
– Sustainable Maritime & Shipping
– Social Sustainability
– Sustainable Business Innovation 

Our main goal is to show the degree of involvement of both European and Singapore companies in the sustainability area and provide them with a platform to demonstrate it. This platform also allows us to partner with Universities in Singapore (NUS, NTU, SMU, ESSEC, EDHEC, INSEAD), bringing in the essential academic point of view, and offering students the possibility to attend for free.

Lastly, National Chambers and government agencies such as the Economic Development Board, Monetary Authority of Singapore frequently join us to bring a perspective of what lies ahead. For the European Chamber of Commerce, the European Excellence in Sustainability Sharing Sessions is a means to raise awareness around sustainability by involving all actors across the board, because we believe that sustainability is a team sport.

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Sharing Sessions 2023


Date Topic Partners Speakers & Moderator
16/05 Social Sustainability: Women’s Business Forum: Gender Equality Targets – TÜV SÜD – Ms Aik-Na Tan (Nanyang Technological University Singapore)
– Ms Liz Fendt (TÜV SÜD)
– Ms Elise Becker (Lufthansa Group)
– Ms Zsofia BALATONI (Rothman & Roman Group)
– Ms Vivian Chua (HP)
– Dr Maren Celine Schweizer (Schweizer World Group)
– Ms Silvia Imran (TÜV SÜD)
26/07 ESG Investments: Carbon Markets – Accenture – Mr Joseph Raphael (Accenture)
– Ms Hum Wei Mei (AirCarbon Exchange (ACX))
– Mr Alvin Lee (
– Mr Vikas Seth (Accenture)
– Mr Andrew Chew (ING Bank)
– Mr John Chen (Standard Chartered Bank)
– Mr Kevin Milla (Paia Consulting)
– Dr Felicia Shaw (Accenture)
27/07 Sustainable Business Innovation: How to Transform Manufacturing to Meet Net Zero? – APB – Mr Lim Tuang Liang (Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment)
– Mr Clement Teo (Singapore Manufacturing Federation)
– Ms Patricia Lee (Asia Pacific Breweries)
– Mr Stephan Degenhart (Drees & Sommer)
16/08 Sustainable Business Innovation: Role of Innovation to Enable Sustainability-Oriented Growth – Accenture – Mr Justin Jia Kai Goh (Accenture SEA)
– Ms Liping Mian (Neste)
– Mr David Coldrey (SAP Southeast Asia)
– Ms Preeti Gupta (BMW Group Asia)
– Mr Toh Keng Hoe (GoNetZero)
– Ms Alison Kennedy (Accenture SEA)
26/09 ESG Communications    
03/10 Social Sustainability – Human Development Committee  
05/10 ESG Investments: EU Taxonomy: Shaping a Sustainable Future  – Financial Services Comm (TBC)  
11/10 Sustainable Maritime & Shipping    
13/11 ESG Communications    
19/11 Sustainable Maritime & Shipping