Sustainability is a global imperative as we face a climate and environmental emergency. It is a key driver of the EU Commission agenda, and also an important focus for the Singapore Government.

EuroCham has embraced the “European Excellence in Sustainability” programme for the year 2022-2023 and we have designed a line-up of activities to position European companies as leaders in sustainability and also share how European and Singapore companies can work together in the area. EuroCham is working with Accenture as our knowledge partner to develop the framework of this sustainability programme.

The programme focused on five areas which will be covered by 4 activity pillars.

If you consider your company’s sustainable efforts to be impactful from a social and environmental perspective, if you are able to describe how and provide examples, we welcome you to share your company’s sustainability practices and policies, to collaborate with EuroCham on our Whitebook and to enter the Sustainability Awards 2022.

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Five Focus Pillars

Sustainable Business Innovation

Being sustainable is not just about one-off actions. It is about creating the mechanisms and cultures that bake sustainability into everything an organization does. Our Sustainable Business Innovation pillar will help understand how firms can embed sustainability in their core, starting with their business model, their innovation strategy and how they engage with customers and consumers.This year, a special focus will be on:

  • Sustainable consumer journey and experience
  • Sustainability incubation, innovation, and partnership
  • Brand purpose & consumer engagement
  • Sustainable organization and responsible leadership

The Road to Net Zero

The call to action on climate change has advanced with companies facing more pressure to develop and execute meaningful net zero strategies. Our Road to Net Zero pillar will help understand how organizations are dramatically accelerating their decarbonization journey and shift from science-based targets to implementing solutions, effectively moving the needle on climate while creating new opportunities for growth.

This year, a special focus will be on:

  • Decarbonization strategies
  • Carbon intelligence, performance, and monitoring
  • Carbon markets, standards, and regulations
  • Energy transition and renewables


Responsible Supply Chain & Circular Economy

Companies face intense pressure from regulators, investors, and consumers to radically transform their supply chain, beyond cost and speed. Our Responsible Supply Chain and Circular Economy pillar will help understand how firms can reshape supply chains to increase transparency and trust, reduce waste and emissions while delivering new products and services to consumers.

This year, a special focus will be on:

  • Responsible sourcing and procurement
  • Responsible supply chain and logistics
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Circular economy and waste management
  • Circular business and delivery models


Digital for Sustainability

Digital technology is a true enabler of sustainability – but its energy consumption footprint is vast. Our Digital Sustainability pillar will help you understand how companies around the world can use technology more sustainably and how they can use technology as a vehicle for achieving sustainability goals.


This year, a special focus will be on:

  • Sustainable technology strategy and deployment
  • Journey to green cloud/it
  • Sustainable Innovation & startup incubation
  • Responsible and ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI)






Sustainable Travel and Transportation

The transport and travel industries are primary contributors to emissions, noise pollution, and climate change. Our Sustainable Travel & Transportation pillar will help understand how the transport and travel industry can act effectively to achieve a sustainable recovery, post pandemic and in a context of climate urgency.

This year, a special focus will be on:

  • Electric mobility
  • EV infrastructures
  • Shared mobility
  • Responsible tourism
  • Sustainable fuel aviation








Four Activity Pillars

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Sharing Sessions

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