European Excellence in Sustainability.

Sustainability is a global imperative as we face a climate and environmental emergency. It is a key driver of the EU Commission agenda, and also an important focus for the Singapore Government.

Therefore EuroCham has embraced the “European Excellence in Sustainability” programme for the year 2020 and we have designed a line-up of activities to position European companies as a leader in sustainability and also share how European and Singapore companies can work together in the area. EuroCham is working with Accenture as our knowledge partner to develop the framework of this sustainability programme.

The programme will focus on five areas:

  • Circular Economy
  • Smart Mobility
  • Clean & Efficient Energy
  • Sustainable Food & Nutrition
  • Green Finance 

The five topics will be covered by 4 pillars of activities:

  • The Launch: Sustainability Business Times Supplement and the Europe Day Luncheon
  • Monthly Excellence in Sustainability Sharing Sessions
  • Sustainability Whitebook
  • Sustainability Awards Gala

If you consider your company’s sustainable efforts to be impactful from a social and environmental perspective, if you are able to describe how and provide examples, we welcome you to share your company’s sustainability practices and policies, to collaborate with EuroCham on our White Book and to enter the Sustainability Awards 2020.


Five Areas of Focus

Circular Economy


Reduce waste, encourage recycling and prolong product lifespans in a sustainable approach:

• Reduction of waste and toxicity from product (and packaging) design
• Models for fractional ownership,rental, subscription and resale to increase product life
• Recovery of valuable materials through recycling
• Strengthening reverse logistics by leveraging recycling partners

Smart Mobility



Switch to affordable, accessible, healthier and cleaner transportation alternatives:

• Electric vehicles and cleaner vehicles with reduced carbon footprint
• Car-sharing and rental business models that increase vehicle utilisation
• AI-enabled energy management of commercial logistics fleet
• AI-enabled public transport coordination platform

Clean and Efficient Energy


Adoption of renewable energy and efficient consumption across generation, transmission and use:

• Scaling the use of renewable inputs in operations
• Development of clean energy capabilities
• Usage of carbon neutral materials for construction
• AI-augmented building energy management

Sustainable Food and Nutrition

Provide affordable and sustainable food to the masses while minimising strain on the environment:

• High tech farming
• Alternative food sources
• Traceability across supply chain for sustainable sourcing
• Food wastage reduction

Green Finance


Ensure that investments are channeled to initiatives that incorporate ESG considerations:

• Innovative green financing instruments
• Varying loan terms with sustainability outcomes based on analytics-driven insights
• Sustainability-linked pay for investment leadership

Four Activity Pillars
Europe Day Luncheon

The Luncheon

The Europe Business Luncheon with President Madam Halimah Yacob has been postponed to March 2021, more details will be given in the near future.

Sustainability Whitebook 2020
Sustainability Survey Report 2020
Sustainability Awards

Meet the Judges

Award Nominees