The future of mobility is a top priority for global businesses and government. Both passenger and commercial vehicle industries are undergoing major transformation, as new technologies are innovating and disrupting the movement of people and goods on a global scale.


EuroCham has embraced “The Future of Mobility Programme” for 2023, designing a line-up of activities to position European companies as leaders in mobility and supply chain innovation. The objective of the programme is to bring together industry experts, thought leaders and policy shapers to share how European and Singapore companies can work together on mobility-related topics. EuroCham is working with HERE Technologies as our knowledge partner to develop the framework of this Future of Mobility Programme.


The programme is focused on two topics –  Movement of Goods and Movement of People – which will be covered by three activity pillars.


Movement of Goods – Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Optimising fleet management with innovative digital technology with the goal of reducing costs, saving time and improving sustainability
    • Automation solutions in warehouses or distribution centres to increase competitiveness and reduce operating costs
    • Sustainability driven by operational efficiency and lower fuel consumption
  • Reimagining the supply chain with end-to-end visibility and increasing efficiency of movement of goods through improved methods of tracking and mitigating disruptions on the road.
    • Internet of Things (IoT) will provide end-to-end supply chain visibility, creating more efficient and agile supply chains

Movement of People – Connecting and Electrifying Mobility

  • Highlighting the significant shift towards Electric Vehicle in urban mobility and the role of technology in creating a seamless, personalised driving experience, while optimising EV route planning and maximising sustainability
  • The role of infrastructure such as charging stations in the road to zero emissions when considering the movement of people and goods
  • Challenges of EV adoption in Singapore:
    • The supply and location of EV chargers
    • Concerns about power supply
    • Charging versus fuel cost
    • The cost of EVs compared to regular vehicles


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Breakfast Talks / Networking Sessions

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C-Suite Luncheons

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The Future of Mobility Report 2023-2024