The adoption of sustainable travel and tourism practices has become crucial in order to preserve the environment, mitigating climate change, protecting cultural heritage, boosting local economies, and creating a positive and sustainable future for both tourists and local communities.
Simultaneously, there is a growing demand for responsible and sustainable travel among travelers who are more conscious of their environmental and social impacts. Governments and international organizations have also recognised the need for sustainable tourism and are implementing policies and regulations to promote responsible practices. 
In order to achieve a cohesive ecosystem of sustainable players in the travel and tourism industry, it requires collaboration and effort driven by various stakeholders, such as airlines, accommodation-providers, travel agencies and aggregators, as well as partnership between the private and public sector. 
EuroCham Singapore’s Sustainable Travel and Tourism Programme, alongside our strategic knowledge partner,, seeks to bring together these stakeholders for not just important dialogues but to source for future actionable solutions. 
Understanding that this task is not limited to Singapore but is a wider regional goal, through the Programme, EuroCham Singapore has partnered with respective European Chambers of Commerce in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.
The Sustainable Travel & Tourism Programme has three main activity pillars: 
1) Closed-door forums/workshops in each of the four partnership countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand); 
2) A region-wide public virtual sharing session to discuss the findings from closed-door dialogues and future plans;
3) An online report/e-book consolidating the information shared throughout the duration of the Programme


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Sharing Session

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Forums / Workshops

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More information will follow.