About the Programmes

The most successful companies in the world balance profit and purpose, and EuroCham Singapore unites our members with two overarching themes for the businesses and the communities they serve. 

The Sustainability Programme looks into the innovative solutions that have been created to help avert the climate crisis our generation faces, shares the best practices adopted by companies making an impact worldwide and acknowledges the efforts in five different areas of sustainability. 

The Future of Healthcare and Wellbeing Programme similarly creates a platform for leaders and disruptors in various sectors of the European pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, medical devices and food & beverage industries in Singapore, their Singaporean counterparts, as well as government bodies and non-governmental organisations, to address the healthcare challenges facing Singapore.

EuroCham Singapore has a unique network of corporate sector companies, representatives from European National Business Groups, strategic partners that include some of the best research institutions as well as an appreciation of the local governmental bodies and support from the EU Delegation. 

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The Future of Movement

Human Development

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