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Ursula von der Leyen will join our Guest-Of-Honour, Grace Fu Hai Yien, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Barbara Plinkert, Ambassador of the European Union to Singapore in congratulating the five winners of the 2020 EuroCham Sustainability Awards.

Webinar: Personalised Healthcare As A New Frontier In Medical Innovation
Date: 4 November (Wednesday) 
Time: 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Venue: Online

Webinar: Unlocking Government Procurement Opportunities under the EUSFTA
Date:  9 November (Monday) 
Time: 4:00  - 6:00 pm
Venue: Online

Webinar: EuroCham Sustainability Awards 2020 Virtual Seminar
Date:  17 November (Tuesday) 
Time: 4:00  - 6:00 pm
Venue: Online

Webinar: Impact Investment – The role of Asset Managers in Green Finance
Date:  18 November (Wednesday) 
Time: 4:00  - 5:30 pm
Venue: Online

The safety of all attendees is our top priority.  All events are online until further notice.
We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will implement
further precautionary measures as and when announced by the government.
Green Finance offers tremendous opportunities for the financial sector through innovative financial mechanisms and by supporting the investments in projects with positive and sustainable externalities. EuroCham’s position paper on Green Finance examines the landscape of green finance in Singapore and ASEAN looking at both the challenges and opportunities it presents. While green finance has grown rapidly in Singapore and the region in recent years, there is still room for growth. Hence, the aim of the paper is to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue with the green finance ecosystem in Singapore. Continuous investment in green finance will help to make Singapore stay relevant to the world and allow sustainable job creation. The position paper provides the best recommendations on how to address the challenges presented to allow for further and better collaboration within the area of Green Finance. Find the position paper here
Since the early days of industrialisation, our economies have been built on a linear model of production and consumption – one that relies precariously on finite resources. However, this is not a long-term solution and changes have to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. EuroCham’s position paper on Circular Economy offers a vision of circularity for three waste streams: electronics, food, and packaging; providing insights on regulatory shifts and responses to such shifts as well as advocating for local and global collaboration in effectively transitioning to a circular economy. There is growing momentum for a transition towards a circular economy in the European Union and Singapore, supported by regulatory shifts in both regions. Companies, stakeholders and organisations alike need to use this momentum to their benefit. The position paper offers guidance to drive the imperative transition to a circular economy. Find the position paper here
EuroCham’s position paper on Clean & Efficient Energy focuses on the current developments towards green buildings as well as clean and efficient sources of energy for both Singapore and the EU. The position paper will allow stakeholders and private companies to understand their respective areas of improvement and establishing an avenue for the development of green buildings in Singapore. The path to green buildings for the EU and Singapore has to be a meaningful one. We believe that the recommendations in this paper can help the EU and Singapore towards achieving a coordinated ecosystem for the attainment of clean, efficient energy and for greener buildings. Find the position paper here
There is no doubt that Singapore is a frontrunner in Smart Mobility and with the emergence of autonomous vehicles (AV), Singapore has rapidly become an attractive location for AV technology development and testing. However, as the Singapore government takes action for its transition to Smart Mobility, it will need to consider both the micro and macro levels of all initiatives. EuroCham’s position paper on Smart Mobility provides insights into the process of planning sustainable urban mobility and the attendant ecosystems that span regional organisations, states, and private businesses. The hope is to enable a dialogue between both Singapore and the EU but likewise between companies and government officials.  Find the position paper here
BeeBryte has developed a unique automated HVAC-R optimization software that controls in a smarter way existing cooling & refrigeration systems (no replacement of any equipment required) to generate up to 40% energy cost savings. We install our patented solution at our own cost, pay ourselves out of the savings we generate, and our software delivers the following services: - Dynamic real-time control: up to 40% cost savings - Early detection of performance drift & SMS alert to suggest maintenance: reduced risk of downtime - Improved temperature management & comfort: compliance with no more hotspots/coldspots As an example, we’ve been reducing by 37% the air-conditioning bill at the largest DHL warehouse in Singapore representing about S$300k/year. Hear from them: https://lot.dhl.com/next-on-the-green-agenda-for-logistics-energy-efficient-warehouses/). Our other references include NgeeAnnPolytechnic, CEVA Logistics, Solvay, Kuehne+Nagel, STEF, etc.
dMTV is a boutique international legal and tax advisory firm based in Singapore, Malta and Vietnam. dMTV offers legal, corporate and tax services and advisory to companies, funds and private clients, and co-operates with de Masi Taddei Vasoli, a Swiss law firm that inherits a three-century old family tradition in the legal profession in Italy and almost two decades of exposure to the Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, namely China and Vietnam. We are particularly proud of: - having given a holist legal support to a multitude of digital token projects; - our expertise in international contracts, cross-border operations and FDIs, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, were we have assisted, inter alia, major luxury conglomerates and manufacturing companies.
We develop a full, but simple layout of utilities for remote rural communities based on renewable and sustainable energy. Not just the installation of PV panels. Potable water filtration, electrical energy generation for cooling, communication, transport etc. We design the chain for which partners supply the links and together we create a fully circular system. Together with a partner in Thailand, we provide safe drinking water to household taps. We design the layout for a community that adds food production, connect to a market by E-commerce, consult a doctor by E-health and get education for their children via the internet. Energy Renewed represents Ways2H. A Gasifier which converts waste as foodstuff, plastics, masks, gloves and single-use plastics into valuable energy. The small scale of these plants makes it suitable for remote locations.
Mentor Media designs and implements comprehensive supply chain services that are customized to meet each client’s requirements across America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. As a trusted vendor and partner to the world’s leading companies from diverse industries, we collaborate with each client to develop and deliver innovative supply chain solutions driven by our core values, people and technology, resulting in value creation for stakeholders. Key industries served include Computing, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Automobile, Lifestyle and Industrial.
Webinar: European Excellence in Sustainability Sharing Sessions – Green Finance: A Taxonomy for Greening the Economy
7 Oct - This is the last session of the European Excellence in Sustainability Sharing Sessions presented in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce. This session on Green Finance discusses synergies in definitions, standards and aspirations for green finance in Europe and in Singapore as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.
Webinar: US Presidential Election and Asia

14 Oct - The November 2020 US Presidential Election comes with an explosive mix of leadership crisis, civil unrest, a festering pandemic, and severe economic disruption. Our speakers shared their predictions on the election results and how those results could impact Asia and its economy. 
Webinar: Taiwan Withholding Saving Opportunity: Practical Insights on Recent Developments
15 Oct -  In light of the Taiwan withholding tax-saving opportunities, our speakers shared the latest developments on how this may affect your cash flow, and we learnt what to expect, and how to prepare in advance.
Webinar: Harnessing Trade Deals to Boost Your Competitiveness

29 Oct -  In this webinar, we heard from experts who provided the knowledge to develop an FTA optimization strategy that allows firms to minimise tariff and trade compliance costs, increase supply chain resilience and flexibility and tap on large and growing markets to source and export their products.
Webinar: Singapore Fintech Festival 2020
Date:  7 - 11 December (Monday - Friday) 
Time: 24 Hours
Venue: Online


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