Siemens and Singapore, strong partners in digitalization.

Siemens is a global technology powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. It is one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies and a leading supplier of efficient power generation and transmission and distribution/smart grid solutions. Siemens is a pioneer in infrastructure solutions for roads, rails, buildings and automation, drive and software solutions for industry. In addition, through its publicly listed subsidiary Siemens Healthineers, they are a leading provider of medical imaging equipment, laboratory diagnostics and clinical IT solutions.

Setting a benchmark through innovation.

“Innovation has been a vital part of Siemens’ DNA for 170 years”, says Armin Bruck, CEO at Siemens Pte Ltd, Singapore. “It is how we shape the future and how we ensure the longevity of the company. We make real what matters and ensure that our ideas are transformed to return on investment (ROI). Be it products, solutions or services, we always intend to set a benchmark – both in the world of technology and for society at large.”An important part of Siemens’ innovation management is to identify and prioritize future growth areas. They assess which products and solutions they can use to add value for existing customers and to tap new customer groups.In 2017 the company spent €5.2 billion on R&D and employed 40,500 R&D employees globally. They developed 7,450 inventions and applied for 3,650 patents.

Growing with Singapore.

When zooming into Singapore, Siemens’ presence dates back to 1908 with the opening of a sales office of the London-based Siemens Brothers Dynamo Works Limited to search for new business opportunities in the then flourishing British colony. Since then it has grown with Singapore and helped develop many of the key infrastructures.On the power front 40% of the total power generation in Singapore comes from Siemens technologies. Their Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains, signalling, traction, electrification systems and fire safety solutions provide safe and reliable transport for thousands of commuters.Furthermore, they provide the latest diagnostic technology to hospitals such as Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and the National Heart Centre and their building management systems bring greater energy efficiency and safety to buildings such as Marina Bay Financial Centre and United World College.In the area of automation Siemens has recently supplied a variable speed drive system to the BEWG Changi NEWater Phase 2 Plant. It ensures energy savings, 90% availability for the plant and greater productivity.Overall, more than 1,300 employees work in Singapore covering all businesses of Siemens AG.

Siemens Digitalization Hub in Singapore is a testbed for Asia and beyond.

A key achievement in Singapore is the launch of the first fully integrated Siemens Digitalization Hub in July 2017. The Hub supports the digitalization efforts of companies in Southeast Asia’s urban infrastructure, industry and healthcare sectors. “Currently, we have more than 100 digital experts working in the Hub designing digital use cases and applications across the entire Siemens portfolio,” tells Bruck. During the launch last July Siemens signed three Memorandums of Understanding with Nanyang Technological University, SP Group and Singapore Technologies Engineering to co-create various next-generation digital solutions for transportation, building technologies and energy management. Since then they have collaborated with more customers and partners and are currently working on over 80 use cases that help to improve productivity, energy efficiency, reliability and security amongst other things. The Hub is expected to grow its staff strength to 300 by 2022.Singapore is the ideal location for the Hub because of its distinctively advanced industrial and urban infrastructure development combined with the government’s Smart Nation thrust to enable a digital economy. “We consider Singapore as the place to develop and test-bed digital solutions before scaling up in Asia and beyond,” explains Bruck.

The future is digital.

When asked where the industry is heading, only one answer can be given: Digital! The world is becoming increasingly digitized, and it is necessary for businesses to embrace the digital age in order to turn vast amounts of data into value. To do this it is of utmost importance to have the required skill sets to leverage the respective opportunities. Siemens has the engineering, domain and digital know-how to generate performance improvements across the entire value chain from design to production and operations to maintenance. In addition, the Digitalization Hub creates the right synergies and an ecosystem for teams, customers and business partners to tap into the opportunities that digitalization can bring.

On an ASEAN level, Siemens, with its extensive portfolio and long history in all ASEAN markets, is in an excellent position to help build intelligent urban infrastructures as well as to transform industries into successful digital enterprises. Besides, the organization remains a good corporate citizen in all markets closely connected with and providing value to societies at large through their sustainability initiatives. Bruck concludes: “We have had an excellent journey here for the last 100+ years and I know that the best part lies ahead of us!”

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