EuroCham Singapore highlights the increasingly complex challenges faced by the healthcare sector. These challenges call for a re-imagining of how healthcare services are delivered to the public and how incremental changes in lifestyle can improve health outcomes and overall wellbeing throughout the life-course.


EuroCham Singapore’s healthcare programme, “The Future of Healthcare and Wellbeing” comprises a series of activities covering three main areas of focus:

  • Healthcare & Innovation
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing
  • Healthy & Sustainable Food


These three areas will be covered by three pillars of activities:

  • Sharing Sessions and Panel Discussions
  • Surveys, Reports and Position Papers
  • Closed-door Sessions


The activities will bring together stakeholders from various sectors of the European pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, medical devices and food & beverage industries in Singapore, their Singaporean counterparts, as well as government bodies and non-governmental organisations, to address the healthcare challenges facing Singapore.

Three Areas of Focus

Healthcare & Innovation

Re-conceptualising the delivery, uptake and financing of healthcare through:

  • the regulatory framework for enhanced access to health products
  • use of Technology and AI for prevention, diagnosis and recovery
  • sustainable healthcare practices
  • embedding health in the planning and creation of Smart Cities


Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Helping individuals regain control over personal health through conscious and sustained efforts to:

  • promote healthy lifestyle, diet and self-care as part of a wider prevention culture
  • equip them with resources to maintain mental health and wellbeing
  • provide and increase the adoption of sustainable solutions for self-care


Healthy & Sustainable Food

Re-examining food habits and transitioning to a healthier food culture through:

  • producing nutrient-rich food with minimal processing
  • encouraging healthy and sustainable diets
  • recognising links between environment and dietary pattern
  • using the Healthier Choice symbol
  • prioritising food safety and traceability

Three Activity Pillars
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Sharing Sessions and Panel Discussions

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Surveys, Reports and Position Papers

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Closed-door Sessions

The Future of Healthcare and Wellbeing Whitebook 2021-2022

The Launch Dinner: The Future of Healthcare and Wellbeing Whitebook

Participating Members