• 2015 & Beyond: Riding on Myanmar's Rising Economy

    9th March 2015 ; Monday 4:00 AM
    Democratic elections will be held in October 2015, for the first time in 25 years in newly liberated Myanmar. Several tangible reforms in politics and economics have surfaced since its liberalisation. There is an air of hope for a fruitful future amidst political uncertainty. Will the Elections offer a stepping stone to Myanmar’s hopeful integration in the world economy?
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  • 19th Networking Night

    10th February 2015 ; Tuesday 6:30 AM
    The Chamber’s quarterly networking nights allow participants to expand and consolidate their networks at a European level. They are organised in collaboration with the National Business Groups and are hosted in new and trendy places around Singapore.
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  • The HR revolution in talent sourcing: Globalization, Technology, Changes in HR Role

    21st January 2015 ; Wednesday 8:00 AM
    Every so often, HR undergoes a major redefinition. Perhaps the major shift in how HR professionals will change the way they work is in talent acquisition.
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  • 18th European Networking Night

    25th November 2014 ; Tuesday 6:30 AM
    On the 25th of November 2014, EuroCham was delighted to hold the 18th European Networking Night. Attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions in a relaxed environemnt.
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  • Southeast Asia’s Crossroads: Three Paths to Prosperity

    11th November 2014 ; Tuesday 4:00 AM
    On the 11th of November Dr. Fraser Thompson, from McKinsey Global Institute, delivered a presentation highlighting the main emerging developments and challenges lying ahead as ASEAN approaches the milestone of 2015 for the implementation of the ambitious ASEAN Economic Community.
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