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The European Union has implemented a new regulation aimed at reducing the European market’s contribution to worldwide deforestation and forest decline, while also safeguarding the rights of indigenous communities. Referred to as the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), this regulation requires thorough diligence throughout the value chain for all businesses and merchants involved in specific items like cocoa, coffee, palm oil, rubber, soy, beef, and timber. The EUDR mandates that seven specific commodities and their related products must meet “deforestation-free” criteria to be sold or exported within the EU market. Prior to entering the EU market, these items must have a due diligence statement and adhere to local laws. To sell or export such items in the EU, operators and traders must engage in thorough diligence, including tracking production details and locations in which non-compliance could lead to significant penalties.

It holds significance for both European and Indonesian businesses, especially SMEs, to collaboratively tackle several challenges and impacts by proactively addressing them. This can be achieved through close cooperation, aiming to better understand the implementation of EUDR. Therefore, this event functions as a forum where members can directly obtain information and guidance concerning the execution of EUDR that could have implications for third markets within the ASEAN area. The event is a cooperation between EuroCham Indonesia and EuroCham Singapore.


10:45 am Webinar waiting room opens
11.00 am Opening Remarks by Mr Edison Bako, EBO Regional Coordinator for ASEAN Region and Executive Director of EuroCham Indonesia
11.10 am Presentation by Ms Henriette Faergemann, First Counsellor for Environment, Climate Action and Digital cooperation at the European Union Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam
11.40 am Moderated Discussion and Q&A led by Mr Edison Bako
11.55 am Closing Remarks by Ms Nele Cornelis, Executive Director at European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore
12.00 pm End of Event



Ms Henriette Faergemann
First Counsellor for Environment, Climate Action, & Digital Cooperation
European Union Delegation to Indonesia

Henriette Faergemann is First Counsellor for Environment, Climate Action and Digital cooperation at the European Union Delegation to Indonesia, based in Jakarta. 

From 2014-2020, she was working as First Counsellor & Head of Section in the European Union Delegation to India, responsible for cooperation between the EU and India in the areas of Environment, Mobility, Urbanisation & Smart Cities, Energy & Climate Change as well as the EUs Foreign Policy Instrument. Amongst others, Ms Faergemann has created the India-EU Partnerships on Water, Clean Energy & Climate, Smart & Sustainable Urbanisation and Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency.

From 1998-2014, prior to joining the EU Delegation, Ms Faergemann was working in the European Commission in Brussels inter-alia as Member of Cabinet for the EU’s Environment Commissioner, as Team Leader responsible for water quantity issues and as desk officer for cooperation with new EU Member States, preparing them for accession to the EU.

Ms Faergemann holds a Master of Science in Chemical and Environmental engineering from the Technical University of Copenhagen.


Mr Edison Bako
Executive Director
The European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia







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