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The event is open to EuroCham members and members of NBGs only.


The IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) has been working with the Singapore Police Force, Government agencies, and Private Sector partners as part of the multi-pronged fight against scams.

There is a need to build multiple layers of defence and IMDA is proposing new measures to further safeguard SMS as a communications channel. These measures include Full SMS Sender ID Registry (SSIR) Regime and Exploring Anti-Scam SMS Filtering Solution. The first measure solution is currently a voluntary system where organisations who wish to protect their SMS Sender IDs can register with the SSIR. But to further secure the SMS channel against scams, IMDA is proposing to put in place the requirement to register with SSIR, all Sender IDs used in SMS to be sent to Singapore mobile users (“Full SSIR Regime”). This means that all organisations that send SMS with Sender IDs to Singapore mobile users will be required to register their Sender IDs with the SSIR.

To discuss this new regime, EuroCham will hold a virtual consultation session with IMDA on 2 September, where attendees will have the opportunity to ask real live questions to the Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry.

As an outcome we expect participants to take away a selection of highly relevant user information on how to prevent further scams.



3.15 pm   Webinar Waiting Room Opens
3.30 pm   Welcome Remarks by Nele Cornelis, Executive Director of EuroCham
3.35 pm   Opening Remarks by Denise Wong, Cluster Director (Strategic Policy & Operations), IMDA
3:40 pm   Consultation
Speaker: Ms Ong Sze Hwei, Deputy Director (Market Policy & Regulation Division), IMDA
Q&A With the Audience
4:25 pm   Closing Remarks by Denise Wong



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The event is open to EuroCham members and members of NBGs only.

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The event is open to EuroCham members and members of NBGs only.