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The EU is the world’s largest trader of services. EU-Singapore trade in services totalled almost €57 billion in 2019, positioning Singapore as the EU’s sixth-largest trade partner when it comes to services.

The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), which entered into force on 21 November 2019, offers enhanced and significant business opportunities for both EU and Singapore providers of services. The commitments under the EUSFTA cover provisions including cross-border supply of services, market access and commercial establishment provisions in a wide range of services sectors.

This webinar will give practical insights on how the EUSFTA provisions on services and commercial establishment can help EU and Singapore companies to increase trade in services in sectors such as professional, computer, business, telecommunication, environmental, tourism, transport and manufacturing services. A special focus will be on maritime transport services, professionals and their qualifications, and the movement of business people.


Singapore time                             Agenda
4.00 – 4.05 pm   Welcome Address

H.E. Iwona PIÓRKO, European Union Ambassador to Singapore

4.05 – 4.15 pm   Singapore’s perspectives on Trade in Services in the EUSFTA
»           CHUA Shun Loong, Director, North America and Europe Division, Ministry of Trade and
Industry, Singapore
4.15 – 4.30 pm   1. Trade in Services under the EUSFTA: Concepts, Commitments, Opportunities


»         Presentation by Eugene LIM, Team Leader, Policy Support Facility Project to the implementation of the EUSFTA (Co-Founder & Principal, Taxise Asia – WTS Taxise)

This session will look at:

»         Explaining services classifications and modes of supply of services

»         Providing an overview of commitments of services in the EUSFTA

»         Explaining the concepts of market access, national treatment and domestic regulation

»         Giving practical insights on the benefits of the EUSFTA for service suppliers

4.30 – 5.00 pm   2. In focus: Maritime transport services – Providing international maritime transport services under the EUSFTA


»         Presentation by Claire WHITTAKER, Directorate-General for Trade (DG TRADE), European Commission

Industry’s Perspective:

»        Moderated discussion with Stéphane COURQUIN, CEO of CMA CGM Asia Pacific

This session will look at:

»         Explaining the rights and obligations undertaken by the international maritime transport text and the relevant market access commitments included in the EUSFTA

5.00 – 5.40 pm   3. In focus: Professionals and their qualifications – How to provide services as a professional in the EU and Singapore under the EUSFTA? How can recognition of professional qualifications take place under the EUSFTA?


»         Presentation by Thorsten BEHNKE, DG TRADE, European Commission

Industry’s Perspective:

»         Presentation by Noel CLEHANE, Chairman, European Services Forum

This session will look at:

»         Explaining the provision of professional services under the EUSFTA

»         Explaining the procedures envisaged in the EUSFTA on recognition of professional qualifications

5.40 – 6.00 pm   4. In focus: Moving businesspeople – Temporary presence of natural persons for business purposes


»         Presentation by Jan SAVER, DG TRADE, European Commission

»         Presentation by Mark BUCHANAN, Managing Director, Fragomen

This session will look at:

»         Explaining the different provisions related to temporary presence of natural persons for business purposes in the EUSFTA

6.00 pm   Conclusions & Takeaways

Mr Hannes SCHLOEMANN, Team co-leader, Policy Support Facility Project to the implementation of the EUSFTA (Director, WTI Advisors and Partner, Bernzen Sonntag Rechstanwälte)


Organised by: European Union Delegation to Singapore

Supporting organisations: Singapore Business Federation, European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)