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If you are a CFO looking to elevate your leadership skills whether it is to become a more strategic decision maker, to redefine your contribution to the company or plan for your next move to become the CEO, you may have heard that you should seek to augment your financial expertise with operational experience. That sort of advice isn’t wrong but it is an incomplete view of what will truly help you. This half-day intensive workshop will offer you invaluable insights and change the way you think about how you can play a larger role in your company or prepare yourself to become a CEO.

From Successful CFO to CEO’ will review the critical qualities of successful CFOs turned CEOs from the study and will also leverage on Benjamin’s years of experience in working with CEOs to fine-tune their arsenal of skills and expertise.  Through stretching and interactive activities, CFO delegates will get to strengthen first-hand, key CEO distinguishing characteristics such as envisioning, optimism, risk-taking and reflecting on doing.

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