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A lot has changed in the world of autonomous vehicles and it seems the time of self-driving cars may be further away than first predicted. Five years ago the prediction was that autonomous vehicles would be a part of many lives in 2020. Standing in 2021, it is evident that this is not yet the case. The question is how far away are we from realising this dream and stepping into a world of autonomous vehicles? 

Autonomous vehicles create multiple opportunities allowing commuters and travellers to spend their time in the car on other things while going from point A to point B. However, within autonomous vehicles, there are a lot of challenges as well. Can the safety of the vehicle be guaranteed and who will be the liable party if an accident should occur?

Finally, there is also the question of whether the population is ready for self-driving cars. There is no doubt that businesses and the academic world are in favour of self-driving cars and the opportunities they create. However, how do we ensure the comfortability of the passengers when they move into this new world of autonomous vehicles. When they step away from what they have been used to and into a brand new future?

This April, EuroCham will aim to see some of these questions discussed as we invite specialists in the field to join our esteemed panel. 



4.45 pm Webinar Room Opens

5.00 pm Welcome Remark by Alvin LEE, Chair of EuroCham’s Smart Mobility Committee

5.05 pm Introductory Remarks by Satya RAMAMURTHY, KPMG Services

5.10 pm Presentations

  • Professor Nick Reed, Reed Mobility
  • Mr Andrei C. Iordache, HERE Technologies
  • Dr Luigi Di Lillo, Swiss Re

5.40 pm Moderated Panel Discussion and Q&A

6.25 pm Closing Remarks




Prof. Nick Reed
Reed Mobility

Professor Nick Reed has worked at the cutting edge of transportation research for more than fifteen years. From early studies using driving simulators to examine driver behaviour, he has since been instrumental in connected and automated vehicle projects in the UK to the value of more than £50m, including leadership of the GATEway project in Greenwich and the creation of London’s Smart Mobility Living Lab. Professor Reed was Academy Director at TRL (the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory) before becoming Head of Mobility R&D at Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier. He has since founded Reed Mobility – an independent expert consultancy on future mobility topics working across the public, private and academic sectors including projects for the European Commission, TfL, BSI and RSSB.


Mr Andrei C. Iordache 
Global Manager Connected and Automated Driving | Industry Solutions
HERE Technologies

Mr Andrei Iordache is Global Industry Solutions Manager at HERE Technologies, leading strategy and business development for Automated and Assisted Driving globally. 

In his role, Mr Iordache is working with automotive companies and Tier 1s to enhance driving experiences by harnessing the power of location data and location-based services. His background is in product strategy, advanced product planning, connected services and e-mobility, working previously for Jaguar Land Rover and KIA Motors.  

Mr Iordach has graduated from a leadership program in Corporate Innovation at Stanford Graduate School of Business and has a Master in Business Administration from Aarhus School of Business, Denmark. Complementing his business education, he completed a Self-driving car program Nanodegree from Udacity.


Dr Luigi Di Lillo
Lead Products & Partnerships
Swiss Re, Zurich (Switzerland)
Mr Luigi Di Lillo is leading the Products & Partnerships Team in the Automotive & Mobility Solutions in Swiss Re, responsible for developing products around vehicle safety, automation, electrification. Mr Di Lillo has a PhD in applied physics and he is an Affiliated Researcher of the Ethical Intelligence Lab, Harvard University. He recently co-authored a peer-reviewed paper on AVs published by the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. 





Partner and Head of Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare
KPMG Services

Mr Satya Ramamurthy is Partner and Head of Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare for Singapore and Indonesia with KPMG. He has worked on urbanisation and transport projects over the last 25 years across Asia and the Middle East. In particular, he has worked on the financing and commercial models using transport as a catalyst for the economic development of cities. Mr Ramamurthy has advised on transit-oriented developments and commercial programs to improve the viability of mass rapid transit infrastructure. He is a key member of KPMG’s Global Future Transport Technology network and has advised clients on the development of Electric Vehicle and Autonomous vehicle strategies. Mr Ramamurthy has worked with cities on the opportunities and challenges posed by AV using KPMG’s Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index (AVRI). He is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.


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