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The Asian financial crisis paved the way for a more resilient Asia. For years, the region has been the world’s economic growth engine on the back of China’s burgeoning economy and steady growth in India and Southeast Asia. Asia is also on its way to becoming a global wealth centre with an expanding high-net-worth individual (HNWI) segment and the emergence of its middle class. Its bond markets are now among the world’s largest.

In the bond space, China is a force to be reckoned with. The second-largest in Asia and third-largest globally, China’s bond market is expected attract more foreign investment following the launch of the Hong Kong-China Bond Connect. The revival of the panda bond market, on the other hand, provides access for issuers to tap Chinese investors.

Infrastructure is a priority across Asia and the capital markets are helping build it. Moreover, China’s Belt and Road initiative is helping to improve infrastructure as it strengthens regional connectivity.

Reinforcing its role as one of Asia’s bond centres is Singapore with its investment schemes aimed at boosting market participation. The Asean remains an attractive investment destination for international investors while frontier markets such as Sri Lanka remain on investors’ radars.

Climate change is also high on the agenda. The green bond market is booming in Asia, driving renewable energy and infrastructure projects. Moreover, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are now being actively adopted by investors in the region.

The Asian Bond Markets Summit is the definitive fixed income event in Asia that draws the largest participation of issuers and institutional investors. Organized in association with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the summit is part of the ADB’s Asian Bond Markets Initiative that aims to deepen the development of Asian bond markets.

What to expect

– Singapore: Asean’s bond hub?

– Sukuk and growing the interest

– Belt and Road and the bond markets

– The revival of local currency project bonds

– The HK-China Bond Connect

– Panda bonds – Taking the leap?

– ESG and bonds – The next stage for fixed income investing

– The case for ASEAN green bonds

– India – Why it has been Asia’s darling market and will it last?

– Fintech and the future of Asia’s bond market

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