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Sustainability – Gone are the days when some dismissed it as merely a buzzword. A few years ago, the primary concern for organisations was to initiate tangible action but now the pressing question is how to achieve the final phase of net zero emissions using technology.

Join us for an invigorating conversation centred around the pivotal nexus of technology, responsible AI, and sustainability, where we will delve into how companies are using technologies to drive their environmental, societal and governance (ESG) targets and Responsible AI regulations. 

Don’t miss the captivating panel discussion addressing the challenges in tech sustainability and responsible AI.



08.30 am Registration and Networking
09.00 am Welcome Remarks & Housekeeping by EuroCham Singapore
09.05 am Opening Address by Alison Kennedy, Sustainability and Enterprise Reinvention Lead, Accenture Growth Markets on: “Setting the stage for Tech Sustainability Leadership”
09:15 am Presentation by Sanjay Podder, Global Lead for Tech Sustainability Innovation and Responsible AI CTO, Chairman and co-founder of the Green Software Foundation (GSF)

  • Technology Sustainability & Responsible AI: 
    • Harnessing innovation and emerging technologies to address ESG challenges.  
    • How Technology can help companies respond to Responsible AI regulations such as the EU AI Act

09.45 am Panel Discussion on “Exploring Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges in Tech Sustainability and Responsible AI”, moderated by Arun VT, Senior Manager, Cloud Transformation,  SEA Tech Sustainability Lead, Accenture

  • Bhavna Rawlley, Principal Director, Accenture
  • Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft ASEAN, Global Partner Solutions
  • Peter Smyth, Senior Solutions Director, Platforms & Data Management at SAP

10.20 am Networking
10.30 am End of Event

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme content without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.



Alison Kennedy
Senior Managing Director – Sustainability and Enterprise Reinvention Lead
Accenture Growth Markets

With over 27 years of experience, Alison is the Sustainability sponsor for Growth Markets (Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America), accountable for defining Accenture’s sustainability plan and approach. She has been leading the Business, Technology and Digital Strategy team and is a member of the Accenture Strategy Global Leadership team.

Alison works with business leaders and governments in shaping and executing strategies that leverage societal changes and technological innovations. With deep insight into business, sustainability and technology, she has been providing impactful and actionable insights and recommendations to industries across Financial Services, Resources, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Technology, among others. Alison’s career spans working in varied geographies such as Europe, Japan, Brazil, China and ASEAN.



Sanjay Podder
Global Lead for Tech Sustainability Innovation and Responsible AI CTO, Accenture
Chairman and co-founder of the Green Software Foundation (GSF)

Sanjay is the Global lead for Technology Sustainability Innovation at Accenture and drives thought leadership and innovation in this area. He is also responsible for establishing and managing ecosystem strategy for Sustainability and for embedding sustainability best practices in technology delivery.

As an innovator, Sanjay has been very passionate about bringing digital technologies to develop innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development goals, and decarbonising digital technologies is his current area of innovation. He has over 25 patents in Software Engineering including AI. Sanjay believes big challenges such as Climate Change and building Trust in communities need the collaboration of diverse stakeholders and he has worked extensively with non-profit organisations, academia, big business, start-ups and government to address issues such as biodiversity protection, financial inclusion, disability inclusion, gender equality, education, preventive healthcare and others. He also believes that now, more than ever, organisations need to prioritise sustainability to continue to be successful and profitable.



Bhavna Rawlley
Responsible AI Director, Growth Markets
Bhavna is a Business Analytics professional with deep expertise in the Analytics Industry for over 18 years. She has core experience in Risk/Marketing Data Science and Data Strategy development, specifically in the FS domain. She has direct in-market analytics experience in the Indian, North American and South African markets. Bhavna is a specialist in leading data science initiatives to action data and insights innovatively and deliver business results.
Bhavna currently leads Responsible AI for Growth Markets. She is responsible for ensuring fair and ethical use of data as organizations scale and reinvent themselves using data & AI and innovate using new technologies such as Generative AI.
As an experienced analytics professional, she has a deep understanding of the E2E data supply chain and its governance, helping organizations use predictive decision-making to unlock value. Bhavna is an Economics graduate with an MBA from the Institute of Rural Management, India.
She has won multiple industry awards, including the Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2022 – Industry Collaboration of the Year, Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2023 –Outstanding Contribution to Regulatory Reforms and Global Technology Partner award at Central Banking FinTech RegTech Global Awards 2023.


Richard Koh
Chief Technology Officer,
Microsoft ASEAN, Global Partner Solutions

Richard Koh is the chief technology officer of Microsoft ASEAN, Global Partner Solutions. In this role, he leads the technology strategy of the Microsoft ASEAN partners ecosystem. 

Richard’s professional experience spans the Asia and North America regions, as well as in multiple functional areas including R&D, IT, product management, marketing, business development and sales operations. He is deeply passionate about the promises that the Internet, Cloud and AI can bring to communities and countries.

Richard spent close to 12 years at Hewlett-Packard, with stints at the company in Singapore, then in Cupertino and Palo Alto, in California, where he gained wide experience in R&D, business development and product management of emerging Internet/web-services and telecommunications technologies.

He then joined Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, in 2006 where he led product teams as director of technical product management in Microsoft’s Office business, Servers & Tools business, as well as telecommunication solutions business, and eventually became part of the founding product team for Microsoft’s flagship productivity cloud services suite – Office 365.

He then relocated to Singapore in 2011, and spearheaded Emerging Markets strategy for Microsoft Operations as the operations team unit lead working on Microsoft’s cloud services launch efforts in China. In 2023, he was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft ASEAN Global Partner Solutions.

Richard is also currently serving on the board of directors of Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs’ Home Team Science & Technology Agency (HTX), Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth’s National Heritage Board (NHB), and Income Insurance Private Limited. He also serves on Sentosa Development Corporation’s Digital Transformation Advisory Panel, and is past chairman of SGTech’s AI & HPC Chapter. 


Peter Smyth
Customer Advisory, APJ Sustainability

Peter is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in business finance, analytics, and data. His main focus has been assisting large and complex organisations in planning and executing their technological transformations. This includes positioning and communicating the value of solutions that leverage business concepts and methodologies related to enterprise architecture, performance management, data migration, cloud services, data strategy, data stewardship, and data governance.
In recent years, drawing on his extensive experience in technology and data management, Peter has made a significant career shift, concentrating his efforts on helping organisations transition into sustainable enterprises. With this goal in mind, Peter recognises the immense potential of enterprise-generative artificial intelligence in the context of sustainable growth and innovation. He is passionate about guiding companies to harness the power of AI to build resilient and future-ready organisations while prioritising sustainability.



Arun VT
SEA Technology Sustainability Lead & Green Software Champion
Arun is the Technology Sustainability Lead for Southeast-Asia with over 16 years of experience in sustainable technologies, green cloud and enterprise architecture. He has an extensive knowledge of running large scale technology transformation programmes including green IT and sustainable enterprise architecture framework. He has advised clients from various industries across several global locations. He is one of the few official Green Software Speakers based out of Singapore and an active advocate of embedding Green Software in IT delivery and services.  


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On May 29, EuroCham hosted an event under its Sustainability and AI Programme, called ‘Sustainability in Technology and AI – Advancing ESG Goals and Responsible AI Regulations, hosted by Accenture bringing together industry leaders to discuss the complex interplay between AI and sustainability.

At the event, we delved into how technology can help address environmental challenges while also posing new risks. Here are the key takeaways:

The Sustainability Challenge: With the Paris Agreement aiming to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, interconnected issues like biodiversity loss require innovative solutions. AI and technology are crucial tools in addressing these exponential problems.

The Double-Edged Sword of AI: AI has immense potential to drive sustainability but comes with significant environmental costs. Data centres, essential for AI operations, consume vast amounts of energy and water, making the IT sector a major greenhouse gas emitter. This paradox necessitates a critical look at the sustainability of AI itself.

Responsible AI: A Necessity, Not an Option: Advancing AI technology brings risks such as bias, fairness, transparency, and security. Organizations like Accenture are pioneering responsible AI practices, establishing principles and governance structures, and conducting comprehensive assessments to ensure ethical standards.

Key Insights from Industry Leaders:
Sanjay Podder highlighted the Green Software Foundation‘s efforts to reduce energy consumption in data centres.
Peter Smyth discussed the integration of financial and sustainability data for comprehensive ESG reporting.
Bhavna Rawlley emphasised the need for responsible AI, encompassing principles of inclusivity, fairness, transparency, and accountability.
Richard Koh from Microsoft showcased sustainable design practices in data centres and the importance of energy-efficient algorithms.

The event underscored that while AI holds significant promise for advancing sustainability goals, it also necessitates careful consideration of its environmental and ethical implications. Responsible AI practices and robust regulatory frameworks are essential to harnessing AI’s potential while mitigating its risks. As we navigate this complex landscape, collaboration and innovation will be key to creating a sustainable and equitable future.