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The attraction for expats in buying property in the UK will lose some of its shine after a new Government tax grab is introduced. Chancellor George Osborne announced last December that British expats who own property in the UK will pay Capital Gains tax (CGT) when they sell the property, unless it is their main home. The long awaited consultation document has now been published and we can comment more precisely on the proposals. This workshop offered several insightful updates in lieu of these changes in taxation and considered their effect on expats in Singapore. We were pleased to have Mr. Martin Rimmer, Tax Manager of the Asia-Pacific region, who put together an interesting and engaging presentation.

Martin is a Senior Tax Manager at The Fry Group and is a specialist in residence, domicile, inheritance tax planning and tax efficient wealth structuring and protection. Based in Singapore, Martin joined The Fry Group in 1999 and now has responsibility for Private Clients throughout South East Asia, providing bespoke UK tax planning and compliance solutions, opinions and technical briefings. Martin is an energetic and engaging speaking on UK tax issues, and is a regular presenter at British Chamber and in-house events around the region. He also writes regularly for a variety of publications, and is regularly quoted in the British Press. Recent presentations have included “The New Statutory Residence Test Explained’, ‘Inheritance Tax Demystified’, ‘Top Tax Tips for Expatriates’ and ‘Avoiding Tax on UK Pensions’. Martin has a BSc Hons in German with Economics and International Business from Surrey University.

We would like to thank all participants for their support.

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