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On the 28th of July, the IPR Committee will be having a special meeting.
The IPR Committee will be launching the “Illicit Environment Index” that is the result of the collaborative effort between EuroCham and the Economist Intelligence Unit.
In addition, members will discuss the upcoming initiatives, including an event with Customs attaches.
Following the discussion, members will have an opportunity to network.

About the IPR Committee

The EuroCham IPR Committee seeks to protect and enforce IP rights in Singapore and the region. The committee is made up of senior level representatives from major European companies across many industries and aligns itself with Singapore’s goal of being an IP Hub in the region. Members define specific topics of interest and develop position papers while working closely with businesses and government representatives.

This meeting is a EuroCham member event only.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about this event and how you can participate, please contact the Committees and Membership Manager, Mr. Yiannis Korkovelos at yiannis.korkovelos@eurocham.org.sg