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On Wednesday, December 6th, Mr. José Manuel Barroso, guest-of-honour and keynote-speaker at the 7th EuroCham Schuman Lecture, together with representatives of EuroCham’s gold members was invited to visit the headquarters of Siemens in Singapore.

The two hours visit was guided by Dr. Armin Bruck, CEO of Siemens Pte Ltd, who presented the company and gave an overview of the company’s activities in the region. The visitors gained insights into the work of the Remote Diagnostic Service Hub, the Remote Analytic Industry Hub as well as the Digital Healthcare applications department. The comprehensive presentation of the different departments offered the opportunity to learn more about the company’s operations in Singapore and South East Asia and allowed the visitors to come to know about innovative projects and upcoming programmes.

The visit enabled the group to get a deeper understanding of how European businesses operate in Singapore and the region, with Siemens being a great example of a European company having successfully integrated into the Asian business community.