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On 21st January 2016, SBF, in collaboration with NBS (Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University), will be holding a special session: SBF-NTU Masterclass – Pay For Performance: Truth or Fiction?

This session is a great opportunity for participants to experience a class in action and to find out more about the SBF-Nanyang Competencies for Future and Current Directors programme.

In this interactive session, Prof. Diez will touch on a variety of “hot topics” in the quest for the “holy grail” of improving performance through pay. Topics include the need for “research based” (as opposed to “market data based” rewards programmes, the recent trend on discarding performance ratings and innovative rewards practices).

Prof. Diez will address his most recent research on how to ensure pay-for-performance models work, and also give an overview of how to address performance management in the absence of performance ratings. References to Accenture and Netflix, as well as to local companies will illustrate the points.

More information can be found on SBF website.

The event is free of charge for EuroCham members.

The event is by registration only. Should you wish to participate, please kindly register at 6701-1137.