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2023 VIETNAM INVESTMENT CONFERENCE: Seizing Investment Opportunities in Vietnam in Response to New Changes

Semiconductors are essential to the way we live. They are key components in consumer and industrial electronics, from the world’s billions of smartphones to critical civilian and military infrastructure. Without them, modern societies would cease to function. Now, a high-stakes battle for control of advanced chip technology and supply chains is shaping the world economy.

Nikkei’s “Untold Story of Chip War” is a new series of discussions focused on this competition and its impact on the tech industry. In the first session, titled “The Underestimated Impact of Export Controls,” we will bring together three prize-winning writers on the semiconductor sector. Chris Miller is the author of the acclaimed book “Chip War: The Fight for the World’s most Critical Technology.” Taipei-based Nikkei Asia correspondents Cheng Ting-Fang and Lauly Li have earned awards in Asia and the U.S. for their illuminating reporting on the tech supply chain’s vulnerabilities.

The panelists will discuss the wide-ranging impact of U.S. export controls on chips and related equipment to China, and Washington’s CHIPS and Science Act. The online session will cover the concerns and responses of major industry players, as well as the views of trade specialists. The audience will have the chance to pose questions to our speakers throughout the session.

Please join us for crucial insights into the epochal struggle for the world’s technological future.

Register here: https://www.global-nikkei.com/chipwar/1/