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COVID-19 has focused minds on exactly what the office is for and how central a role it should play in corporate strategies and budgets – as well as making the strengths and limitations of home set-ups all too apparent.

But what does the future hold for office buildings where so many spent the majority of their waking hours. How do employees and tenants feel about returning to the office? Can offices be virus-proofed and made more resilient to get through this and future pandemics? How much space, what type of space and what locations will organisations need or want in future? What will this mean for CBDs and the economy – and ultimately how will this impact office landlords, managers, REITs and fund managers.

Brought to you by the organisers of the hugely successful Future of Office Space Australia Summit, this dedicated event for the Singapore market will bring together the brightest minds in the industry to explore these questions and more.


The Program

The Future of Office Space Summit is an exclusive event consisting of top-level content and thought leadership discussions exploring the office market. It’s where owners, managers, brokers, investors and solution providers can come together to access the most up to date and credible knowledge delivered by local and international experts. If you really want to know what the future holds for the office market – the stuff you can’t Google, then this is where you’ll get it.

Topics covered include:

  • Office in Flux – where’s the market heading
  • Examining the New NORMAL and what it means for office demand, design and the role of technology
  • What are the implications of hybrid work on city CBDs and the national economy?
  • What role are tenants playing in defining the new office landscape and what does this mean for office landlords, investors and agencies?
  • Leveraging CRE analytics to get valuable insights around office portfolio use and performance
  • What’s the current view of REITS and fund managers regarding office investment returns?
  • Is there evidence of a flight to quality in the office market and a longer term structural shift to certain types of office assets?
  • How is office space being reimagined and digitally armed for a new era of work?
  • The new role of the office as a cultural and collaboration hub – how can landlords enhance their buildings to support this for their tenants?
  • The impact of hybrid work on office design and location – what do tenants really want?
  • Understanding the role of technologies such as IAQ, AI, wearables, visitor management and contactless in creating offices that are safe, healthy, productive and sustainable
  • Overcoming the challenges involved in creating an effective office technology deployment strategy
  • Looking at how ESG minded tenants are driving the future of office space demand


Register here: https://futureplace.eventsair.com/foos-singapore/repage-foossg22/Site/Register