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Dispute Prevention and Resolution in SEA for European Companies

Get together with other European companies, entrepreneurs and De Brauw – the Netherlands’ leading law firm and part of the market leading European ‘Best Friends’ law firm group (consisting of Slaughter and May, Hengeler Mueller, Uría Menéndez, BonelliErede and Bredin Prat) – to look ahead and discuss how to effectively prevent, manage and mitigate litigation risks. 

During this panel discussion, Mr Sebastian Langendorf (Founder of Meranti Steel and Meranti Green Steel), Omni Bridgeway’s Marjolein van den Bosch-Broeren (Head of Enforcement APAC) and De Brauw’s Albert Marsman will discuss experiences and common pitfalls of doing business in SEA jurisdictions, and how to account for potential disputes. We will discuss the new SIAC Arbitration Rules and provide tips and tricks on how to ensure a (cost-)efficient resolution 

of disputes. 

Why attend? 

Experiences from industry peers: Discuss first-hand experiences on dispute prevention in the region. 

Ensure effective dispute management: Gain insights into effective dispute resolution mechanisms in contracts and protect against unforeseen issues. 

Focus on SIAC Arbitration Rules: Understand the nuances and consequences of the new SIAC Arbitration Rules and how to use them in South East Asia. 

Expert Insights: Gain invaluable knowledge from one of Europe’s leading law firms specializing in South East Asia, and the global leader in litigation financing Omni Bridgeway. 

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow European businesses, entrepreneurs and industry peers. Expand your professional network and exchange ideas for navigating the legal landscape in the region.