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Carbon Capture is in everybody’s mind and ears. From new technologies capturing CO2 from the atmosphere (Climeworks) to markets for carbon credits, solutions to offset our carbon footprint are in high demand. Corporations and governments need to comply with their ambitious net-zero sustainability targets!

Though, how effective are these carbon off-setting projects? What are the best ways to create transparency and build trust? How do carbon credits fit into a wider net-zero strategy that aims at the decarbonisation of our planet?

Join us at our event organized by SwissCham Sub-committee Climate Tech on Tuesday, 9 November at 6 PM, discussing the in and outs of Carbon Tracing & Off-Setting with our panel of experts from SGS, South Pole and Nandina Partners. The event will be closed with an Apéro to network with other participants and the panellists.

**Please be informed that photos and/or videos will be taken during the event, which might be published on our website, in newsletters, social media or any other publication. By attending the event you consent to the same.

Register now: https://swisschamsg.glueup.com/event/64693/register/