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Air cargo is a critically important industry, which this pandemic again reminded us of. During the crisis, it has been a lifeline for society, delivering critical medical supplies and vaccines across the globe and keeping international supply chains open. And for many airports and airlines, air cargo, which generated $129 billion in 2020, became a vital source of revenue when passenger flights were grounded. Looking towards the future, the outlook is strong indeed. Offering us a moment of reflection on the past two years but especially also insights into the exciting times ahead are Brussels Airport Company based at the heart of Europe, our Platinum Sponsor for long, with great support from our home-based Changi Airport Group. 

How has Covid impacted the Air Cargo business and community? How does Brussels Airport market itself globally towards the Cargo community and how can it uniquely distinguish itself from the many other airports in a range up to 500 kilometres? What is behind the fine examples of embracing technology and innovation at Brussels Airport, which includes going paperless, digital green lanes, blockchain & cloud-based operations, setting up a unique ecosystem community with all actors collaborating and benefiting from it? And finally, despite the 10,500 km distance between Brussels and Singapore, it seems their airports are working closer – and ambitiously – together than one might suspect at first sight. 

Come and join us for an insightful session which will cover many angles of the Air Cargo business, with obviously at the end an opportunity for you to take part in a debate or ask your pressing questions. 



Nathan De Valck, Head of Cargo – Product & Network Development, Brussels Airport Company 

Samuel Speltdoorn, Cargo Business Development Manager, Brussels Airport Company


Register here: https://blcc.org.sg/event/brussels-airlines-event-coming-soon/#details