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The Explore vs Exploit trade-off is a dilemma business leaders often face. Should you “exploit” by playing it safe with existing expertise but risk being surpassed? Or, “explore” and chart new territory that comes with certain risks but also exceptional rewards?

Discover new mindsets and approaches to existing challenges and engage in team alignment strategies to venture into new grounds.

This two-hour, experiential session will teach you how to:  

  • Discover the Explorer Mindset and how it future-proofs your organisation
  • Reframe the way you view change to see opportunity in the chaos
  • Overcome biases that affect your ability to think critically and make effective decisions amidst change and uncertainty




Mr Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson
Knowledge-partner at Catapult

Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson is a world class human-powered explorer and team decision-making coach and one of Catapult’s key ecosystem’s knowledge partners. From the street level to the boardroom, international 7-aside rugby player to over 50 expeditions across the globe including walking across countries, cycling across continents, climbing Mt Everest and crossing sea’s completely by human-power, Grant dedicates his life to the pursuit of Bold, Unique Goals.

A native of New Zealand, Grant lives in Singapore, holds Bachelor and Post Graduate degrees, is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a professional member of the Asian Professional Speakers Association (APSS) and co-chair of the Royal Geographic Society (Singapore branch). 

Grant has trained and worked with various clients, both MNCs and government agencies, such as Microsoft, Spotify, Google, Credit Suisse, EnterpriseSG, SMU, GIC, etc.


This masterclass is only open to members of EuroCham. If you are keen to attend, please contact Eva Vincetic at eva@eurocham.org.sg.



On 29 November, EuroCham organised a 2-hour masterclass, “The Explorer’s Mindset: Leading a High Performing Team” at Catapult by CapitaLand.

A big thank you to Ms Grace Neo and Ms Louise Nguyen at Catapult for this unique collaboration and to EuroCham’s Human Development Committee for all the feedback provided.

Our conductor, Mr Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson took us on a journey “Into the Unknown”. The very interactive and immersive masterclass, based on Grant’s true story experience, took us on a sailing adventure on Simpson’s Donkey from Singapore to New Zealand. No sails, no motor, just human-powered watercraft. We dived into the waters of ambidextrous leadership, embracing making uncomfortable decisions and learning the balance between exploitation and exploration. Grant’s mantra “Only a donkey doesn’t change his mind” is teaching us to remain agile, not be afraid of taking new and different and never-done-before steps and rather than fixate on predetermined plans, prepare for the uncertainties.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our members who joined us and made this event a successful one!