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Leadership Presence – What it is and what it isn’t!

Have you ever wondered why some business owners seem to have the “it” factor that instantly draws clients to them? What are some of the hidden personal qualities that accelerate business success?

Beyond strategy, beyond business expertise – what your team and business partners ultimately respond to is YOU. Your clarity. Your energy. Your vision. Your ability to move hearts and souls.

Connect Deeply. Unleash the Energetic Leader Within.

Latin origin of influence, meaning…
To flow in. To exert influence; to be influential

In this webinar, Achim Nowak – Executive Coach, Author, and International Authority on Leadership Presence – decodes the intangible factors that enable presence and enhance personal impact.

We will look at how we tune into 3 Levels of Presence define and practice the art of double-track conversations.

Explore ways of mastering the impact of honest signals and unleashing greater personal energy. Expect a highly practical and immediately applicable approach to the elusive notion of personal presence.


  • Tune to the 3 Levels of Presence
  • Practice the Art of Double-Tracking
  • Master the Impact of Honest Signals
  • Wave-Ride Energy to Create Momentum


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