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On the 4th of December a joint Committee Meeting took place including members of the Regional Finance and Tax and HR Committees. The fascinating presentation focused on Tax and Mobility Strategies for Expat and Asian Executives in Asia offering attendees a more holistic view of how to Manage Risks while Understanding Trends in the Region.

On the December 4th 2014, Mr. Don Riegger, Partner at Deloitte offered the audience an overview with respect to the forces shaping mobility and their insights as to the management of short term business travellers. In addition, he will be addressing tax and immigration aspects with regard to the Asia Pacific Region.

Managing risks and understanding trends in the region are of major importance to companies thriving for innovation and growth. Failure to comply with domestic tax laws threatens to jeopardize the success of a company’s operations in the domestic market. Hence, it is indispensable for companies to identify ways to comply with host location tax regulations. In addition, appropriate mobility strategies allow for significant efficiency gains to emerge.

Members had the opportunity to gain a more holistic understanding with respect to tax and mobility strategies for expat and Asian Executives in the region and have the occasion to share their company’s experience.