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HR managers often engage in discussions about developing people and creating a motivating workplace. However, HR also has to deal with the dark side of human behaviour and HR professionals need to know what to do when things go beyond the limits of HR policy and labour laws. Harassment, corruption, cybercrime, terrorism, bosses and employees from hell… HR gets it all.

In this session, we are happy to have a guest speaker who has deep familiarity with the dark side. Mr Calum Lawrie, was a Scotland Yard Detective in the UK before setting up his business as a specialist in HR forensics in Singapore, Principal Investigator with Playfair Investigations. Calum will share with our Committee how specialists think and act when faced with criminal and terrorist issues in companies. He will also focus on how the recent legislation on harassment in Singapore affects HR professionals.


This meeting is for EuroCham Members only.

Should you be interested in attending, please contact the Policy & Corporate Affairs Manager, Mr Yiannis Korkovelos at yiannis.korkovelos@eurocham.org.sg