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Summary of event
EuroCham hosted a presentation by Ms. Rachele Forcardi, senior VP at Universum where she presented the findings of a global survey conducted by Universum on the attitudes of the Generation Z. Defined as youths between the ages of 14 and 19, these individuals expressed a shocking view on their use of social media, career goals, and entrepreneurship.

The results of the survey proved to be a worrying trend for governments, employers, and universities where these youths had expressed increased scepticism of the value of a university degree as compared to hands-on experience and life achievements. As an emerging generation that are presently in high school faced with the choice of entering university and participating in the workforce afterward, a large portion of those surveyed had a positive view on doing good rather than making more money, if and when such a dichotomy exists.

To find out more about this interesting study and to view the results, please contact the corporate affairs manager Mr. Elgin Seah at elgin.seah@eurocham.org.sg.



This event is an opportunity for HR professionals to get an insider’s view of a new global study conducted by Universum with 50,000 members of the Gen Z generation. What will interest EuroCham members is the ASEAN regional study showing country-by-country attitudes to work, to education, to corporate careers and entrepreneurship and to technology.

The format of this meeting will be a presentation of the study and dialogue with HR and higher education professionals about how to prepare for the next generation in Asia.


Rachele Focardi is Senior Vice President for APAC at Universum, a leading  Employer Branding and Talent Strategy company. Rachele is a regular contributor to EuroCham’s HR Committee and is a well-known thought leader in Asia on questions of Employer Branding, Talent Strategy and how to harmonize a Multi-generational Workforce.


This event is open only to EuroCham members.