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From Engagement to Employee Experience


On the 7th of April, the Human Resources Committee heard from Mr Bernard Coulaty, who has written an excellent book on employee engagement and the employee experience. We also heard from Ms Pallavi Srivistrava, on why IBM has taken the initiative to focus on the Employee Experience and what are the tool practices and measures they use to enhance the experience of work at IBM.


About: Most companies today use engagement as a metric for measuring quality of their workforce. However, the concept has always been suspect as an objective metric. The logic is that employees are expected to engage completely with their companies…but how do you measure engagement? By the number of discretionary hours employees are willing to work? By what they say? By their positive team spirit or by their replies to engagement questionnaires? Engagement is now being replaced by a more holistic understanding of the moral contract between employees and companies. Employee experience is like corporate culture- it requires metrics that are qualitative and each company has to define what the experience should be.  Today, advanced HR professionals are using the concept of Employee Experience as a leading indicator. For companies like IBM, as we shall see, the Employee Experience is at the core of the company brand and value position.


Guest Speakers:


Panelists 1: Mr Bernard Coulaty


Bernard Coulaty


International VP HR, Author&Speaker


Bernard has extensive HR experience from his leadership positions at Pernod Ricard and Danone. He has published a book on engagement and has been President of HR Committee at the French Chamber in Hong Kong. Bernard gave away 30 free copies of his book “New Deal of Employee Engagement” to members that attended the session. He showed a 4 minute video clip and presented the change in HR in about 15 minutes.



Panelist 2: Ms Pallavi Srivastava


Pallavi Srivastava


Asia Pac&Greater China Talent Leader, Global Technology Services, IBM


Pallavi is responsible for Leadership development, and succession planning, leveraging Talent analytics for defining and executing strategic initiatives, fostering engagement and high performance culture across Asia Pac and Greater China countries. She has been one of the HR leaders at IBM in the employee experience, an initiative that was started 3 years ago. Pallavi is often invited to speak at several international conferences.






This meeting was for EuroCham Members only.