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On the 2nd of June, the Human Resources Committee met with SAP. Recently SAP has been in the news as a company leading their own HR transformation by going beyond the KPI driven annual review and by shifting from an elite talent development model to a ubiquitous learning and development philosophy. This is being driven by thought leaders inside the company as well as by ability to use technology in ways that were not the image of SAP in the past. Why is the change happening now? What is it like to lead the transformation internally as well as with client companies? What does the technology REALLY change?


Guest Speakers:


Ms. Kate Barker, Vice President, is the  Global Executive Human Resources Advisor at SAP with 20 years previous CHRO experience in UK, USA & APAC and consults with C-Suite clients across Asia Pacific. She is an expert on HR Strategy and advises HR Leaders on  Global HR trends specifically on HR digitalisation.


Ms. Renata Janini Dohmen has broad international experience in HR, from Brazil to her present role as Vice President of Human Resources Southeast Asia for SAP. Working in a company where HR is expected to innovate and lead in using technology, she brings a living case study on how SAP HR has transformed itself in the past years to the discussion.


Ms. Barker and Ms. Janini Dohmen discussed their experience, shared insights and the Oxford Economics research on:

  • -HR leadership – what matters most in a Digital HR strategy
  • -Enabling Diversity & Beyond Bias
  • -Managing technology across five generations
  • -New possibilities for Talent Management
  • -Reinventing Performance Management
This meeting was for EuroCham Members only.