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We are confronted daily with articles on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play. However, the topic of AI and Machine Learning is not well-understood and the spread of information through articles and blogs can be highly biased, adding to confusion to what is possible, applicable today and what is still considered a research area. 

EuroCham presents a short but insightful series with four classes providing an overview of AI, Machine Learning, Deep learning concepts which will include definitions, algorithm fundamentals and applications. The four morning sessions aim to cover the majority of the AI lingo and buzzwords and will demonstrate how the technology works using a real dataset. Working our way through presentations and demonstrations, participants will also get a feel of some of the challenges that they will face when embarking on an AI journey. These challenges can be related to hardware, software, data pre-processing, algorithm selection, over-fitting, parameter tuning and so forth. 

At the end of the AI series, participants will be equipped with enough knowledge about core AI and Machine Learning fundamentals, allowing them to identify opportunities in their specific field of business.


Mario Favaits: In 2019, Mario left SMRT to pursue his passion: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This passion is embodied in a comprehensive tutorial, totaling 250 videos. The tutorial explains the subject in great detail including the math behind the models. In addition, the course contains coding examples allowing the viewers to develop a deeper understanding of how models are programmed in Python and Keras (Tensorflow).

Over the past 25 years Mario held several leadership positions in large multinationals across different industries including Software, IT & Telecom, Automotive and Transportation. Between 2014 and 2019, Mario was the Managing Director of SMRT’s engineering subsidiary and was a member of SMRT’s executive leadership team.

Before joining SMRT, he served as Director of Train Services at Alstom Transport SA in Asia-Pacific. He was a member of the Asia-Pacific leadership team and was responsible for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul operations in the region. He was invited to be part of a global team tasked with driving and implementing a culture change programme at Alstom Transport.

In the 10 years prior to joining Alstom, Mario held senior leadership positions at Siemens and Continental in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. His responsibilities focused on business development and growth, building a sustainable competitive advantage and driving change.

Mario holds a Master of Science in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Brussels, an MBA from the University of Antwerp Management School and a Master of Laws from the University of Liverpool.

Class 4

In the last session we will focus on Deep Learning

We seek an answer to the following questions:

Is Deep Learning better than ’shallow’ learning?
What are Deep Learning Specifics?
Applications: Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP)…how do they work?
AI and art: Generative Deep Learning…everybody’s an artist!