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Chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and dementia are on the rise around the world. This is partly attributed to aging populations and evolving social behaviours including sedentary lifestyle. This puts tremendous healthcare burden to the society.

Significant resources have been invested to identify and develop new and often technologically advanced interventions to address these diseases. However, it pays to revisit and go back to basics. Research has shown that the importance of one’s lifestyle has been severely underestimated. We could be even healthier, feel better and live even longer.

Based on scientific evidence, Professor Mai-Lis Hellénius has written several books on the importance of movement, food, and stress on our health, where she provides the best advice for a long and healthy life. Our lifestyles, diet, and interests, play a significant role in our health and age, in fact a much larger role than was previously imagined. For more than 35 years, Professor Hellénius focus has been on lifestyle issues, advocating that the right diet and exercise is able to prevent all kinds of ill health, such as cancer, dementia, Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

08:15    Registration
08:40    Guests to be seated
08:45    Opening remarks
08:50    Keynote address by Professor Hellénius
09:10    Panel discussion
10:00    Discussion and Q&A
10:30    Close & Networking


Mai-Lis Hellénius, MD, Ph.D., Professor in Cardiovascular Prevention at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden; Senior Consultant,  Lifestyle Clinic, Department of Cardiology, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm.

Mai-Lis Hellénius has for more than 30 years been working both as a clinician, a researcher and a teacher in the area of lifestyle medicine. She was among the first physicians in the world initiating physical activity on prescription in 1987. Mai-Lis has 230 publications and 150 of them are publications in peer review journals. Read the full bio of Mai-Lis Hellenius



Paul Lynch, Regional Director, Prudential Assurance Corporation Singapore

Paul Lynch has been with Prudential Corporation Asia since May 2014 as Regional Director overseeing Government Relations in markets in Asia Pacific.  From 1992-1996 Paul served in a number of positions in the UK Home Office and as Private Secretary to the Parliamentary Secretary in the Cabinet Office. Read the full bio of Paul Lynch



Ann Low, Deputy Director, Healthy Food & Dining Division, Health Promotion Board

Ann Low is the Deputy Director of Healthy Food & Dining Division. She is responsible for development and management of HPB’s priority Food programs such as Healthier Ingredient Development Scheme, Healthier Dining Program, Healthier Choice Symbol program to manage the prevalence of obesity amongst Singapore residents. Read the full bio of Ann Low




Clifford Chow, Heads Business DevelopmentPrenetics in Southeast Asia

Clifford currently heads the Business Development for Prenetics in Southeast Asia. Formally a banker, Clifford pivoted into health-tech after completing a MBA at MIT. He now oversees Prenetics’ regional offices while developing partnership opportunities to grow the business. Read the Bio of Clifford Chow




Ti Hwei How, Country President, AstraZeneca Singapore

Ti Hwei How is the Country President of AstraZeneca Singapore. He is also the current President of the Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (SAPI) and the Chair of European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) Healthcare Committee. Ti Hwei has had 16 years of Marketing experience across both Pharmaceutical & FMCG industries. Read the full bio of Ti Hwei How


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