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Intellectual property rights (IPR) are the legal foundation through which ownership is provided over creations of the mind, better known as intellectual property (IP). Common types of IPR are trademarks (which serve to differentiate products or services and enable informed purchasing decisions), industrial designs (which promote innovation by protecting the visual appearance of (parts of) products, or their ornamentation) and patents (which reward technological innovation).

New technologies are catalysing transformation in every industry, and these creations offer new opportunities to revitalize the economy. According to the Korea Institute of Intellectual Property (KIIP), IP-intensive industries accounted for 43% of Korea’s GDP, adding a total value of KRW 560 trillion. Proper protection of IPR is of vital importance for innovation, competitiveness, and creativity, all key factors for economic growth. Therefore, in order to reap the full benefits from these innovations, a robust yet flexible IP system is necessary.

During this year’s IPR Conference, specialists from both the public and the private sectors will present on pertinent development in the field of IPR. In order to tailor to various interests, the conference will feature the following three distinct, yet equally stimulating topics:

1. Intellectual Property for Future Technologies
2. Key Aspects of Patenting New Technologies
3. New Approaches to Tackling Counterfeits


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