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The global Coronavirus pandemic changed quickly many of the public’s most engrained expectations, habits and behaviours, whilst simultaneously placing social fabric and cohesion under stress.

Government communication during the crisis saved lives by delivering behaviourally-focused integrated campaigns. Citizens now have new needs and expectations from governments, and governments have limited means of meeting them.

In a time of volatile trust in the government, the effective delivery of public policy relies more than ever on effective communication with citizens. To better engage with them, policymakers must understand the motivations behind people’s behaviour, and then use those insights to shape messages that can influence their audience.  Effective communication also requires a nuanced understanding of the changing media landscape and the latest developments in digital technology.

Offered online over eight sessions in partnership with WPP, Communication for Public Policy Delivery draws on WPP’s work with over 70 governments worldwide and the government communications experience of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s faculty. It aims to provide you with conceptual foundations and practical knowledge in using behavioural insights to communicate policies effectively to the public.

As part of the programme, participants will identify a major policy issue of relevance to their job or country and will work on developing actions around it for the majority of the programme.