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Pre-meeting text:
In 2020 EuroCham embraced the topic of European Excellence in Sustainability with a variety of activities including the recent publication of a position paper on the topic of “Circular Economy: Closing the loop in electronic, food and packaging waste“. The position paper was created in collaboration with KPMG and is a part of EuroCham’s 2020-2021 Sustainability Whitebook. The Ministry for Sustainability & the Environment and the National Environment Agency has graciously provided EuroCham with the opportunity to share ideas and insights relating to the position paper in a closed-door meeting. The focus of this meeting will be on packaging waste and plastic waste.

This is a closed-door meeting. If you are keen to attend, please contact our Committee & Membership Manager Ms Michelle Kristensen at michelle@eurocham.org.sg.


Post-meeting text:
On March 29, EuroCham industry experts met with representatives from the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment and the National Environment Agency to discuss plastic waste. Expert members shared their thoughts and recommendations in relation to Europe’s work in this area. One of the key takeaways was for Singapore to keep it simple and choose solutions which work for Singapore as a small island state. The group also discussed the benefits and concerns with chemical recycling and mechanical recycling