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Alphabeta have been appointed by the ASEAN Secretariat to assist with the development of a Sustainable Urbanisation Strategy for ASEAN, which (a) examines urbanisation trends in ASEAN; (b) does a stocktake of actions currently being pursued around sustainable urbanisation in ASEAN; (c) develops a short-list of priority actions (e.g., waste water treatment; affordable housing) that cities could pursue; and (d) develops the implementation roadmap, including metrics. (see attached or this link).

Together with the EU-ASEAN Business Council, we are organising a briefing session with Alphabeta at 8.30am on Thursday 12th April.  You are warmly invited to provide your initial thoughts and inputs to the development of the strategy during the course of the discussion.

The session will:
– Get perspectives on challenges with implementing urbanisation projects in ASEAN;
– Ideas on priority opportunities to drive sustainable urbanisation (e.g., affordable housing, closed loop waste systems).

The definition of sustainable urbanisation is very broad – includes socioeconomic factors (e.g., health, housing, traffic congestion), environmental (e.g., energy efficiency, water access), and governance (e.g., cybersecurity)

Alphabeta will brief on the scope of the project and on some initial concepts. This will be an interesting session for all members to contribute to the sustainable development of ASEAN.


Please RSVP by email to Mr. Elgin Seah at elgin.seah@eurocham.org.sg