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What’s the best intellectual property strategy for South-East Asia?
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Increasing numbers of companies are operating in international environments. When expanding into fresh markets, it’s essential to consider protecting your assets, especially your intellectual property
(IP) rights (such as patents, trade marks, designs, copyrights, etc.). Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to manage their IP portfolio effectively: it’s not just about protecting your valuable rights, you can create new global business opportunities too. A strong IP strategy will help SMEs to internationalise in emerging markets.

South-East Asia (SEA) is a promising destination for SMEs from the EU. South-East Asia consists of 10 countries that follow open policies when dealing with international companies and offer active incentives to attract foreign investment. In 2018, the region had a combined GDP of USD 3 trillion(the 5th largest in the world) and a population of 649.1 million people.
More and more SMEs are willing to do business in or with SEA – it’s one of the EU’s largest trading partners. However, the language and cultural differences plus complex regulatory environment of
the region are often a challenge. When it comes to IP, each of the 10 countries in SEA has its own practical rules and regulations to govern the complex IP environment. That’s a lot of legislation to
understand and navigate!

Our Helpdesk is here to help you and your business partners protect, and build on, your valuable assets before entering SEA – or even if you are already there.

  • Book a meeting with our IP Business Advisor to:
    understand what IP is, how you can protect your assets, why IP should be a crucial part of
    your internationalisation process and what benefits it can provide;
  • learn about the specific IP landscape of any/every country in SEA;
  • clarify any doubts you may have.

The one-to-one consultation, like all our services, is completely free! What are you waiting for?
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