EU-Singapore Business to Business Cooperation Project

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Co-funded by the European Commission under the Industrialized Countries Instrument

Since January 2009, the European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore is conducting an EU-Singapore Business-to-Business Cooperation Project, co-founded by the European Commission under Industrialized Countries Instruments. The implementation of the Project will run for a period of 48 months. The aim of the project is to improve the competitiveness of European companies in Singapore and the region and to facilitate market access for European companies.

EuroCham will conduct and enhance the projects’ goals with a wide range of activities involving both European and Singaporean companies. In addition some initiatives will have a more ASEAN focus. The programme will facilitate the cooperation between European companies and local firms and vice-versa:

  • Market entry outreach activities

– ASEAN Market entry and expansion seminars aimed at educating European companies about the ASEAN market and provide inside knowledge on how to best enter it

– Seminars on key European Industries

– Meetings with key policy makers in Singapore and ASEAN

– Participation in major exhibitions and conventions under the European umbrella

  • ASEAN focused working groups

– Working groups on Regional Trade and Sustainability to discuss opportunities and business issues on an ASEAN wide framework

  • Knowledge and information pool

– Website with ASEAN country briefs and useful Data and Statistics

– Studies, reports and position papers on economic issues, free trade agreements, tariffs and non-tariffs barriers and key European industries

  • EU promotion activities

– Events aimed at increasing awareness of the European Union

– Outreach activities to provide platforms for EU firms in Singapore to connect to the local business scene.

– Career fairs to bring together students and European companies helping in finding the best talent on the local labour market for EU firms.