Ranked by World Bank Asia as a top logistics hub for 10 years in a row, Singapore offers world-class connectivity to the region and beyond. Home to world-renowned air and sea transport capabilities, Singapore is now a prime location for major logistics firms, with the top 25 global players conducting operations here. Most of them have have set up regional or global HQ functions here. Singapore is a base for these firms to anchor major logistics and supply chain operations, specialised capabilities, and conduct innovation activities to provide new supply chain solutions. Disruptions brought by the US-China Trade War and the Covid-19 pandemic have forced manufacturers to adapt or change their supply chains. But Singapore has implemented a host of strategies, such as stockpiling domestic production, diversifying sources and better risk management to maintain supply change resilience in the face of uncertainties.

Supply Chain


The EuroCham Supply Chain Management Committee’s overarching theme is ‘supply chain innovation’. The committee aims to contribute on strengthening the supply chain management hub in Singapore and complements and supplements the already existing framework by making sure applicable technologies can flourish in Singapore. By doing so, the committee supports Singapore to further develop its benefit as an attractive base for companies to establish their regional logistics & supply chain hubs. This further contributes to the growth of the economy, job creations and workforce capability building. The committee has a cross-sectoral setup which brings in diversity and makes the committee well equipped to represent the voice of the industry in Singapore and APAC.


Mr François Chirol, Head of Nutrition (HFD) – Chief Trade Officer, CMA CGM Asia Pacific Limited (Chair)
Mr David Ringrose, Vice-President APAC Region – Service Logistics, DHL Supply Chain (Co-Chair)
Ms Haiyan Liu, NAPP ‐ Turntable Supply Chain, Novartis (Co-Chair)


  • Event: Sustainability in end-to-end value chain
  • Event: Supply Chain Resilience & Well-being of the personnel
  • Webinar: How to Build Green Supply Chains
  • Webinar: Analytics in Supply Chain
  • Webinar: How to maintain a cost effective SCM amid Covid
  • Webinar: Arising from COVID-19; New Drivers and Opportunities
  • Webinar: Sustainability in the Supply Chain
  • Dialogue about The Network Trade Platform (NTP, what it means for your business and your supply chain activities


  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Planning
  • Contract manufacturing


– Singapore Logistics Association
– Supply Chain Asia
– Ministry of Transport
– Ministry of Trade and Industry
– Economic Development Board
– Ministry of Manpower
– National University of Singapore
– Nanyang Technological University
– Singapore Management University
– Supply Chain Committees of the NBGs
– EU Delegation to Singapore