• Wine & Spirits Committee Meeting

    16th June 2015 ; Tuesday 2:00PM-3:00PM
    On the 16th of June the Wine & Spirits Committee will be meeting.
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  • Regional Trade Committee Meeting

    16th June 2015 ; Tuesday 4:30PM-6:00PM
    On the 16th of June the Regional Trade Committee will be meeting. Our guest speaker Mr John Leonard, CBP Attache at the US Customs & Border Protection will be sharing about activities of professional Customs fraud facilitators, their role, and origin laundering and in particular their impact in terms of revenue loss and the circumvention of trade policy measures. Following the presentation, a roundtable discussion will take place.
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  • Wine & Spirits Committee Meeting with stakeholders

    11th June 2015 ; Thursday 11:00AM-12:00AM
    The Committee will be meeting with the Singapore Tourism Board, one of our key stakeholders.
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  • EuroCham HR Committee Meeting

    29th May 2015 ; Friday 9:00 AM
    The HR Committee met with Mr. Pascal de Petrini, Executive Vice President - Strategic Resource Cycles, Danone.
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  • EuroCham IPR Committee meeting

    26th May 2015 ; Tuesday 2:00 AM
    An update on the developments with respect to the Position ​Paper on "Traceability: the Cornerstone of Food Safety Policy" will be presented to all members.
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