The EuroCham Sustainability Committee has recently been set up. The main focus of the committee is on responsible and sustainable supply chains.


Increasingly more companies are enhancing their supply chain management to manage and mitigate regulatory, financial, reputational and operational risks. Apart from motives based on risk management and maintaining a license to operate, a study conducted by EY and the UN Global Compact showed that companies are deriving numerous business benefits from embedding sustainability in their supply chains including product differentiation, increased market share, growing consumer support and increased labour productivity. As a result, companies are taking responsibility for their own operations including those of their suppliers, service providers and contractors in order to reap the benefits and simultaneously make a positive impact on society.


As EuroCham members come from various industries and backgrounds, sharing knowledge and experiences on sustainable supply chains can enhance one’s own operations by learning how others are dealing with similar issues or exploring totally new areas of improvement. The Sustainability committee thus enables its members to tap the less explored opportunities and concurrently establishes a common voice for the European business community in Singapore in the area of sustainable supply chain management.


The main objectives of the committee are to:


1. Advocate for Singapore’s adherence to international best practices on sustainable development through enhanced supply chain management, by offering input and support (as a common voice) for the development/reform of key laws and policies in this field


2. Contribute to the development of an equal level playing field for foreign and local companies in terms of sustainability


3. Provide thought leadership on sustainable supply chain management


The first meeting of this committee will take place on 22nd May, 2018. During this meeting, committee members will together decide upon a clear direction for the committee including activities for the upcoming months.


In case you would like to receive more information about the committee, or wish to attend the first meeting, please send an email to Lissa van der Heijden, Business & Committee Manager, at