Digital Economy


Singapore’s growth strategy for the Digital Economy hasbeen enhanced by outlining three key thrusts: invest in building frontier capabilities, support promising enterprises and develop a pipeline of frontier tech talents. In addition, GovTech has been formed by the government to oversee the digital strategy of Singapore as a country. No other nation has this type of supervisory body which shows the importance of the Digital Economy in Singapore. This was again underlined by Singapore’s decision to earmark the Digital Economy as a key focus area during its ASEAN chairmanship in 2018.


The Digital Economy committee is centred around the topic of the digital transformation. The objectives are to share experiences and learnings about transformative technologies, business models and leadership styles across sectors. It is also to provide a cross-sectoral platform for engagement in the field of the digital transformation with government agencies in Singapore. Overall, the committee aspires to be a forward-thinking forum that is at the forefront of these important changes and act as an advocate for those initiatives that will most benefit the business community.

– Launch of Digital Economy Committee



– Understanding Singapore’s Digital Blueprint
– The potential of transformative frontier tech – blockchain, AI, IoT etc
– The Digital Mindset and restructuring of organisations
– Societal repercussions and opportunities
– The impact of digitalization in different industries: transportation, health care and pharma, HR

– GovTech
– Ministry of Communications and Information
– Infocommunications Media Development Authority
– Ministry of Trade and Industry


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