Commercial vehicles form a critical portion of the economy’s supply chain in Singapore and its impacts reaches far beyond the industry’s own employment and financial contributions to GDP. With Singapore importing over 90% of all products consumed locally, this upstream component of transporting goods forms the backbone of efficient trade facilitation internationally and within the country.



The EuroCham Commercial Vehicles committee advocates for the industry in areas relating to trade and investment promotion, market access, fuel quality, environmental impacts, vehicular and road safety, and transport efficiency. The committee serves as an effective platform to represent industry to the government authorities for effective feedback and information exchange.


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  • Submission to NEA and LTA on issue of fuel quality and use of bio-fuels
  • Meeting with LTA on vehicle safety, transport efficiency, and measurements and testings
  • Consultations with the NEA on adaptation of Euro 6 standards
  • Feedback on the use of flammable refrigerants in vehicle air conditioning systems


  • Fuel technology and quality
  • Euro 6 standards
  • Safety measures (Advanced Emergency Braking, tachographs, training certificates)
  • Productivity (Multi-axle configurations, axle weights)
  • Environmental issues (Smoke, load security)