EuroCham Singapore maintains strong partnerships with academia and educational institutions, encompassing international schools, universities, polytechnics and executive education programs.

Collaboration between academia and business on a shared platform provides a multitude of advantages. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge, fosters collaborative research efforts, nurtures talent development through exposure to real-world challenges, promotes the commercialization of research findings, and creates networking opportunities for both parties. By leveraging each other’s strengths and resources, academia and business can drive innovation, economic growth, and workforce readiness in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Education and Academic Committee


EuroCham Singapore acknowledges the pivotal importance of collaboration among the private sector, education, academia, and government, embracing a multistakeholder approach. Within this framework, the Education and Academic Committee endeavors to foster collaboration among academia, businesses, and government stakeholders. Furthermore, our objective is to harness education as a catalyst for innovation and excellence across diverse sectors.


  • Skill Development
  • Future of Labour and Societal Impacts
  • Research and Development (R&D) in Education
  • Connecting Businesses with Human Capital
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration and Partnerships


  • Ministry of Education
  • SkillsFuture
  • Universities from Singapore and Europe
  • International educational institutions and business schools
  • Academic establishments and research entities
  • Leaders from the business realm and professionals involved in education and workforce enhancement