The circular economy offers an alternative and more sustainable approach to the traditional make-use-dispose model. At its core, it seeks to minimise waste and maximise the value of resources. In order for Singapore achieve its goal of becoming a zero waste nation, a collaboration among governments, businesses, and consumers is essential. Part of a broader challenge that Singapore will face as it grows increasingly compact and crowded will be to design for longevity, reuse and recycle and adopt regenerative practices. 


The EuroCham Circular Economy Committee addresses issues relating to circular economy; manufacturing, packaging design & innovation, sustainable packaging solutions, including single use packaging, recycling and waste management among others. As a cross-sectoral committee, members from a wide range of industries are represented to work closely with relevant government authorities and to provide an exchange of information and feedback.


Mr Lloyd Lowe, Senior Regional Manager Biopolymers Sales APAC, BASF (Chair)
Ms Anthea Ow, Government & Public Affairs APAC, The LEGO Group (Co-Chair)
Ms Fiona Tan, Head of Public Affairs, Delivery Hero Singapore (foodpanda) (Co-Chair)
Ms Jessy Chu, Plant Manager, Ravago Manufacturing Singapore (Co-Chair)
Ms Jia Hui Tan, Public Affairs Manager APAC, Neste (Co-Chair)
Mr Matthew Tan, Legal Director, Pernod Ricard Singapore (Co-Chair)


  • EBO ASEAN webinar on EU Circular economy regulations with DG ENV, Mrs Astrid Schomaker
  • Round table discussion with beneficiaries of EU funded project REC-N-COM, aiming to develop and commercialise technologies for the production of recycled composites
  • Site-visit to Neste refinery
  • Feedback to NEA on Preliminary scope of consultancy study for the design and assessment of take-back scheme for packaging waste
  • Meeting with Rajah & Tann on Singapore’s 2025 EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) reporting
  • Site visit to Senoko Waste-to-Energy plant
  • EuroCham Position Paper: Unpacking Deposit Refund Schemes
  • EuroCham Position Paper: Circular Economy – Closing the loop in the electronic, food and packaging waste
  • EuroCham Position Paper: Degradable Packaging & Plastic Ban as a Solution to Littering
  • Closed-door discussion with NEA on packaging reporting
  • Committee support for the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA)
  • Insights and Debriefing from Plasticity Global Forum


  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable design & innovation
  • Remanufacturing
  • Packaging waste and single-use packaging
  • Waste management and recycling


  • National Environment Agency (NEA)
  • Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE)