EuroCham is excited to introduce its inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme in response to the swift integration of AI technologies across various sectors, including healthcare, mobility, education, and banking. 

While AI provides companies with a competitive edge by streamlining internal processes and delivering faster, more precise results, apprehensions about its misuse and security breaches have surfaced. There are also concerns about job displacement by AI and the potential for creating new opportunities. 

Recognising the rapid integration of AI into business practices and daily life, regulations are now emerging to prevent misuse –  Europe has taken the lead by establishing clear rules for AI usage, positioning the continent as the trailblazer in this field. Singapore has also introduced a governance framework for generative artificial intelligence (AI).

In light of this, providing clarity and sharing knowledge becomes crucial, offering significant benefits to companies undertaking their digital transformation journey.

For those navigating the AI landscape, whether integrating AI into operations, upskilling staff, investing in or incorporating AI into products and services, we extend a warm invitation to join our AI events. 

EuroCham is working with SAP Asia as our knowledge partner to develop the framework of this Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme. EuroCham’s Artificial Intelligence programme will explore three key focus pillars, providing insights and guidance. Join us on this transformative journey!

Knowledge Partner

SAP is a pivotal knowledge partner for the AI Programme, who will leverage their profound expertise in artificial intelligence to steer the direction of this programme. SAP’s involvement ensures a synergy between cutting-edge technology and strategic vision, propelling the AI Programme towards success and meaningful impact for our members.

Three Focus Pillars

Transitioning the Workforce in an AI Environment


AI in the workplace holds the promise of revolutionising work dynamics, yet it simultaneously poses job displacement as a formidable challenge. This Pillar focuses on navigating these changes, both employers and employees must be prepared to adapt. It also focuses on upskilling and reskilling for the AI-driven Job Market and the difference that AI will make to labour market when it comes to AI development and AI deployment.

















AI Industry Disruption

AI in Smart Mobility – The integration of AI technologies in autonomous vehicles, traffic management systems, safety measures, personalised travel experiences, and logistics operations is paving the way for a transformative era in transportation. This Pillar will focus on how AI is revolutionising the transportation industry.


AI in Healthcare – AI technologies are transforming various facets of healthcare, ranging from data management to drug discovery, clinical practice, and patient care. This pillar will explore how the healthcare industry is leveraging AI’s advantage for providers and patients.


AI in Education – AI is ushering a paradigm shift in teaching and learning methodologies. By using AI-powered tools, educators will be better equipped to personalise learning, improve student outcomes, and better prepare students for success in the digital age. This Pillar will focus on how AI can transform learning with AI for Education.


AI in Finance – Integrated into the infrastructure of banks, investment firms, and insurance companies, AI will play a pivotal role in enabling efficient decision-making processes, predicting consumer behaviour, and detecting outlier fraudulent activities.

AI Governance & Ethics


In a world of AI and digital technologies, the need for organisations to look at data through an ethical lens and the responsibility in managing large streams of data is vital. This Pillar focuses on the setting of legal and ethical requirements to manage and monitor AI activities of an organisation.





















Three Activity Pillars

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Sharing Sessions

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C-Suite Luncheon

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